about us

At Systematic Wood Designs, each of our creations are crafted with the natural beauty and durability of wood in mind.  Whether it is a custom furniture piece built from locally harvested materials or a custom kitchen crafted from exotic hardwoods, each project is treated as its own beautiful creation.  We strive to make each piece unique, using the latest technology in computer aided design while maintaining our love for the traditional techniques of the trade. All our craftsmen are locally based, with fabrication shops in Walla Walla or College Place. We take pride in our crafts and invite everyone to come into our showroom to become inspired by our work.

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Open since 2007, Systematic Wood Designs was founded by Phillip Thompson, an entrepreneural business graduate from Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, WA.  He has always loved the trade of woodworking and as a student was able to hone his skills, particularly those of cabinet making.  Upon graduation, he founded his business at the current 909 W. Main address and immediately began the work of building custom cabinets professionally.  The business is currently thriving with 20 full-time employees and a rapidly growing repretoire of impressive projects.  Photos of many of these projects can be seen under the “gallery” segment of this website.